PEAK Fly Tying Vises
PEAK Rotary Vise (PRV-G2 or PRVC-1)
This is the vise that started it all, the PEAK Rotary
Vise.  Designed for optimal tying efficiency and ease
of adjustment and set-up.  Materials (including
Stainless Steel, Brass, Tool Steel, and Aircraft
Aluminum) are chosen to last a lifetime of tying.  
Hardened and tempered tool steel jaws hold hooks,
from size 2/0 (depending on exact hook wire
diameter) down to the smallest you can buy, securely.  
All adjustments are accomplished with minimal
effort.  The large stable pedestal base (PRV-G2
model) will hold this vise where you set it, and the
non-marking feet protect the surface you set it on.  
The steel base is powder coated in white, for a surface
that will stand up and provide a backdrop you can see
your materials against.  The base also includes an
integrated hook/bead pocket with rounded edges for
ease of removal, and our accessory post mounting
(accessory post not included).  The base is
designed to pack flat for travel with the vise
removed.   The rotation resistance adjustment screw
provides infinite adjustment and is easily manipulated
for right or left handed tyers.  A height and length
adjustable bobbin cradle and pivot mount are
supplied with the vise.  Loosening a single set screw
allows the vise to be removed for travel, the brass tip
on the set screw prevents marring the vise shaft.

*Lifetime warranty against defects in material or
Our Rotary Vise with our remarkable C-Clamp
mount (PRVC-1).  As with our Pedestal Base you get
a better engineered mount.  Reverse the lower
rabbeted jaw to get a grip range from 2-1/4" to
11/16".  Jaws ride on precision guide rods holding the
jaw faces parallel, there is no rotating clamp screw
bearing against your table to damage the finish.  
Clamping is accomplished with a large comfortable
tri-lobal clamp screw.  The deep rabbet engages
rounded table edges so your vise won't rock.  You
won't find a more stable, versatile, robust clamp and
it's the only clamp that will accept our accessory post.
As one review stated "you could press wheel bearings
with this clamp."
PEAK non-Rotary Vise (PNRV)
After fielding many requests for an inexpensive yet
durable and functional non-rotary vise, Peak has
taken the design principles that have served us so well
with our Rotary Vise and applied them to this new
and exciting tool.  The PEAK non-Rotary Vise uses
the same clamping system as the tried and true PEAK
Rotary Vise.  The base is slightly smaller and lighter
in weight than the Rotary Vise, making this an item
to seriously consider if you need a lighter weight
travel vise.  The base has the durable white powder
coat finish that we're known for and it still
disassembles and packs flat for ease of transport.  The
base also includes the additional hole for our
accessory shaft
(not included) and all PEAK
accessories except our Material Clip will work with
the non-Rotary Vise.  As with the Rotary Vise,
optional midge and saltwater jaws are available for
the PEAK non-Rotary Vise
(jaws for the Rotary Vise
and non-Rotary Vise are not interchangeable)

*Lifetime warranty against defects in material or
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Built with the same quality materials used in PEAK’s original Rotary Vise.  
PEAK’s Rotary Tube Fly Vise uses a chuck with no collets that require
changeout, maximizing convenience and minimizing set-up time.  The chuck will
accept pins and metal tubes up to 1/8” in diameter.  The custom ground pins
have a shallow sloped shoulder for capturing the tubing.  No additional pieces are
needed, simply push the tubing up the shoulder until it is held snugly.  The vise
comes with two pins, 1/32” and 1/16”, other sizes are available separately.  
Available with PEAK’s Pedestal Base or our C-Clamp (not shown), either option
provides the most stable mounting platform available and makes this vise
compatible with PEAK’s unique accessories.  Also provided with a bobbin cradle
assembly for full rotary tying capability.

*Lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship*
PEAK Tube Fly Vise
Pedestal Base Model (PTFV-G2)
C-Clamp Model (PTFV-C1)
C-Clamp model available but not shown
Use with PEAK's custom
ground tapered pins
diameter with no adapter
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